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Welcome to - The unique provider of original new identity documents on the Web since 2009.

sp-passport-imgWe are the best larger provider on the net offering solution for alternative identification document. We can provide original passports, high-quality replica passports, Passport for Banking, Identification documents for Online casino identification pourpose, Original driver's licenses, National Identification Cards, Full set of identification Documents, European Full working GSM Prepaid Card in High Rank Country  and other products from Selected Country in Europe, Asia and South America. So we can offer Original Permanent Residence Card form Selected European country . Also we offer "Full new identity Package",  and real Honorary Diplomatic position We can offer so Diplomatic Active position for restricted selected customer. If you want to learn more about what kinds of documents can be found in our website please visit the identificationConsulting web, you can find more details about ordering procedure and additional details . For more information please contact us. We offer unbelievable Customer support in Multiple Language 24x7x365. Also we offer customer support by PGP Message with hight leverl of secured and crypto technology available on request.


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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due the kind of Business we conduct, all order must be prepay in Full. In some excepcional case, in particular if order price are very high, we can considering payment of 50% at order and 50% at document delivery. We don't accept any kind of Escrow Service. Payment must be Via BitCoin E-wallet, Western Union or MoneyGram. For some kind of order we accept payment via Bank Transfer to our correspondent account. Some payments can be apply for extra processing fee,

DISCLAIMER: All our program are fully legal and based on naturalization program offer from different country and governement. In some case naturalization can be request under marriage, professional or lifestyle, Pro-bono action, Charity program. Applicant to our naturalization program must be approved and have criminal record clean. Replica or Clone Documents are for entertainement only. Don't travel with this document.



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